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Black ‘Issue’ Hangs Over Presidential Polls

“How many voters will ultimately decide they can’t vote for an African-American?” Republican pollster Frank Luntz says, “It’s definitely a factor.” From an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

News Analysis By Organizer KD

Thanks Frank. Giving further insight, Frank later goes on to say, ‘The moon is not made of cheese.’

The article discusses how race is a factor in this election and how deceiving pre-election polls can be when they pertain to black candidates or affirmative action.

Later in the article Sandra Cichon, a 60-year-old Democrat from Spring Hill, who originally identified herself to a pollster as an undecided voter, recently told a reporter, “I can’t imagine having a black president, and I think he’s inexperienced.”

Sandra then asked the reporter if s/he would like a fresh batch of “Obama Waffles.” …That’s sarcasm… for those who missed it.

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