• DOUBLETAKE 08: “Taking a second look at race and racism in the 2008 presidential elections”

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    Sat, October 25th, 3-6:30pm
    The Ballot Box and Beyond
    UCLA Labor Center
    675 S Park View St [map it]
    Los Angeles, CA 90057
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Reject the Hate in ’08! – Don’t fall for the racist tactics.

Dear Readers,

The past week has revealed a startling amount of hatred and racist prejudice
emanating from the McCain/ Palin campaign and their supporters.  This is a
pivotal moment for the history of this country and for racial justice.  Its
important we are able to look back at this time and say that the people of
this country did the right thing – expose the Right’s tactic of racist
appeals and reject it!

The following video contains an important message that we need to get out to
communities (especially white communities) across the country.  WE NEED YOUR
HELP!  Please forward this video link to ALL your contacts.  Youtube videos
can take on a “life of their own” and go “viral” (i.e spread exponentially)
if forwarded enough times…  This is a video that all of the country needs
to see:

The video was produced as part of AWARE-LA’s “The Ballot Box and Beyond”
campaign and was created in collaboration with an allied multi-racial
organization, Community Coalition.  Visit www.DoubleTake08.org for more info
about the campaign.

No matter who you are voting for on November 4th…. REJECT THE HATE IN 08!

In Solidarity,
Active Resistance/ AWARE-LA

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